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Iran’s Bastille Day

by Andrew Kessinger July 20, 2009

We have recently celebrated the anniversaries of the American and French Revolutions, both violent civil uprisings that changed the course of their nation’s history. A similar storm seems to be brewing – this time in Iran.

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Hackers and Retooled Institutions

by Andrew Kessinger July 10, 2009

You may have missed it.

As fireworks were exploding over our nation’s capital this Independence Day weekend, U.S. government websites were being shut down by hackers.

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Obama & Medvedev (Re)set Arms Limits

by Andrew Kessinger July 7, 2009

Yesterday’s highly anticipated meeting between Presidents Obama and Medvedev, while hardly the so-called “reset” moment in U.S.-Russian relations, does shift the tone.

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Moroccans Shun Violent Extremism

by Andrew Kessinger & Vanessa Noël Brown May 7, 2008

Between Afghanistan and America, situated at the crossroads of Eastern-Western civilization, lies a low-key ally in the fight against religious intolerance and extremism: Morocco.

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Obama’s Mother-Daughter Divide

by Andrew Kessinger February 16, 2008

It would be presumptuous to assume older women are voting for Hillary solely because she is a woman. But for those who are—even subconsciously—examining their daughters’ choices could draw a surprising lesson.

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